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EUROMOVERS is not Euro Movers LLC

Jan 23, 2017
EUROMOVERS, the global moving network, has written to The Mover to ask for help in clearing up an identity problem. It appears that there is a company in Dubai called Euro Movers LLC which is causing confusion.

Thomas Juchum, EUROMOVERS’ Managing Director explained: “We are receiving e-mails from time to time, where customers are complaining about the services provided by Euro Movers LLC. We are very concerned about this matter, since many people confuse this company with us and believe it is a subsidiary or a member of our service network.”

The company in Dubai not only has a similar name to Thomas’ organisation, it also has a similar domain name. “The company name might be similar, but it is a different organisation,” said Thomas. “Even their company logo is different. This company is absolutely separate and has absolutely nothing to do with us.”

EUROMOVERS International S.A. is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It serves as the headquarters for an organisation of medium-sized, family-owned moving companies in Europe and overseas. “We have our own agents available in the UAE and other countries of the Middle East,” said Thomas. “Euro Movers LLC, and its subsidiaries, never has, nor will ever be connected with our international service network.”

Thomas said that customers looking for moving services to or from the UAE are invited to contact the EUROMOVERS headquarters by e-mail: or search for a network partner at “Unfortunately, we cannot help concerned customers in resolving problems with Euro Movers LLC.”

Thomas suggested that customers should contact the following organisations if they have disputes with the Dubai company: or

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