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Feb 24, 2017
The Pan American International Movers Association (PAIMA) elected a new Board of Directors in New Orleans although, after the voting was completed, it looked much the same as it had before

President Jose Marrero, Vice President Lars Lemche and Treasurer George Naumann were all re-elected to their roles, as were Directors Juan Carlos Ortiz, Matthias Tischer and Macarena Scalia. The only change was the stepping down of Laura May Carmack and her replacement with Aida Robles of Rodi Cargo in Puerto Rico.

Aida said she was keen to be involved as she felt strongly that new people can bring new ideas. “This is something I really believe in,” she said. Asked specifically what she would like to see done differently, she expressed reservations that some countries, in particular Brazil, have too many members. “Having so many members in one country creates a free for all,” she said. “I think it should be limited depending on the size of the country, with companies excluded if they don’t attend the annual conference. In smaller countries maybe we only need one agent. Members need to join in, that’s what makes the Association grow. I think the two-year rule [that requires companies to attend at least every other convention] is a great step in the right direction.”

Photo: PAIMA Board (left to right) front row: Matthias Tischer, Carl Hartmann, Germany; Lars Lemche, Teamwork, Brazil; George Naumann,Swiss Moving Services, Zurich. Back row: Jose Marrero, Sentry International, USA (PAIMA President); Aida Robles, Rodi Cargo, Puerto Rico; Macarena Scalia, Coco’s International, USA; Antonio Tremols (PAIMA Executive Director); Juan Carlos Ortiz, Moving Systems, Peru.

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