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A little care and understanding

Oct 31, 2011
The Mover received the following story from Chris Smallwood of Britannia Anchor Removals in Manchester during the week when it seemed that half the youth of the UK had gone into stupid mode.

It’s a nice story that makes you realise, if you needed any encouragement, that treating people decently is the only way to be.

Chris explained that he had received comments from his client Mrs. Heather Blaseby. Sadly, her father has a terminal illness and he is nearing the end.  Mrs. Blaseby arranged for Anchor to view and quote for a removal in mid July, knowing her father wanted to die at home in Surrey. “At the time we were unaware of the circumstances,” he said. “We were asked by Heather on 26 July, 2011 to arrange her father’s move on the 11 August, 2011, but in the intervening period his condition deteriorated. On numerous occasions the removal was booked, cancelled, re-arranged, all due to the uncertainty of Heather’s father’s health before finally being cancelled. Although we were in a position to charge cancellation fees, we refused to invoke our right. Then at 4.00 pm on the Wednesday, Heather rang up, clearly upset asking if there was any chance we could move her father on the Thursday.  Not only did we achieve this, but we managed to arrange delivery and settle the parents into their new home on a Saturday instead of the pre-planned Friday.”

Chris went on to say that he had been in a very similar situation himself many years ago and the way he had been treated by a holiday firm, and more importantly the insurers, at the time left a very bitter taste in his mouth and the anger still ran deep under the surface. “So it was with a sense of great pride and dignity that I was able to put right that long outstanding wrong, showing that in a week where greed and selfishness has dominated the headlines, we could show just a little care and not put money before compassion and selflessness.”

In an e-mail to Chris, Mrs. Blaseby expressed her gratitude.  “I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the outstanding support from you, Anthony and the team during my parents’ move. Under very difficult and stressful times your business ethos shone through for us with your ‘can do’ attitude.  We will never forget your kindness and support at this time.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if Chris could possibly track all the business his company gets in the next few years from people who are known to Mrs. Blaseby.  She is most unlikely to recommend another moving company to anyone and will, probably, go out of her way to seek out people who are moving to point them in the right direction.  Surely this is the right way to do business, both morally and commercially. 

Photo:  Mark Pennington from Britannia Anchor who handled the move for Mrs. Blaseby.

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