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MoveHub launches FoodHub

Feb 26, 2015
MoveHub, the UK information centre for people moving abroad, has launched a new initiative to supply unwanted food donated by people moving house to local food banks and charities providing them with a consistent flow of donations, helping the most vulnerable people in society: FoodHub.

FoodHub facilitates the collection of non-perishable food items that families cannot take with them and delivers than to local food banks and homeless charities. One of the charities benefiting from FoodHub is Centrepoint, which supports 8,400 homeless young people in Bradford, London and the North East, including over 100 in Camden.

Nahar Choudhury, Head of Housing and Support for Centrepoint in London, said: “We are grateful to MoveHub for naming us as the first recipient of their FoodHub donation. Eating healthily on a very small budget is a difficult task for anyone, but for homeless young people with little experience of managing money it can be a real struggle. A key part of our work is teaching young people to shop efficiently and cook healthily, skills normally passed on by family members. But it takes time to build up these skills and a recent survey of Centrepoint young people showed that around 50 per cent of them struggle to maintain a healthy diet on their low income and over half of them eat just one large meal a day. So donations like this can be very useful in ensuring the young people we work with in Camden have a varied diet, are eating regularly and are not going hungry.”

MoveHub already have many removal companies signed up to the scheme, and hope to attract more, explained Ben Tyrrell from the company.  “FoodHub is a chance to do something really positive in our industry and I have been thrilled at how keen the moving companies are to participate. We have collected a huge amount of food already and I have high hopes for the scheme in the future.”

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