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Commercial movers Relocate London (UK) joins AIM

Mar 17, 2015
Commercial moving specialist Relocate London (UK) Ltd has joined the Alliance of Independent Movers (AIM), the first member to join the organisation’s Commercial Moving Group.
Relocate London’s sister company H. Smith & Sons Removals, which deals with domestic moving, has also joined the Alliance.

Relocate London UK has been trading for 11 years and is managed by brothers Ian and Paul Smith, while H. Smith & Sons is operated by third brother Alan. Both companies are based in Orpington, Kent. The brothers also own an IT relocation company, Relocate IT Ltd, which handles the technical side of commercial moves.

“We joined AIM because we wanted to be members of a group that would provide us with useful information and support and actually do something in return for our membership fees,” said Ian Smith. “I’m pleased to say that AIM has lived up to expectations and we are very pleased to be members.” 

AIM founder Scott Rust said, “Relocate London (UK) Ltd was the first member of our Commercial Moving Group and we look forward to welcoming many more members in the future.  I’m looking forward to working with Ian, Paul and Alan and helping them develop both their commercial and domestic removals businesses.”

The Alliance of Independent Movers was created to assist removers of all sizes, to grow and expand their businesses while offering their customers a high level of service. For the mover with limited resources, or even larger more established businesses, AIM can offer a wide range of benefits.

Photo: Relocate London (UK) Limited and Stister company H.Smith & Sons Removals have both joined AIM.

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