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Slow down on the Forth Road Bridge

Apr 22, 2015
According to the Dunfermline Press, nosey drivers slowing down on the Forth Road Bridge to look at the new Queensferry Crossing have caused Transport Scotland to drop the speed limit.

David Climie, of the Forth Replacement Crossing Team, told Holyrood’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee that there are plans to cut the speed limit of the Forth Road Bridge from 50mph to 40mph in the spring.  He said, “We decided that we would have the limit in operation right over the Forth Road Bridge as well because we have noticed that traffic is slowing down as people look at what we are doing.”

“There is no doubt that people have been distracted, so it makes sense to have the 40mph average speed limit to control the traffic flow right through that entire area,” said Mr Climie. “However, the difference that is caused to someone’s travel time by the three miles of the 40mph limit is less than one minute, so I think that the impact will be insignificant.”

Mr Climie added that previous experience showed that average speed cameras helped traffic to flow rather than inhibiting it.

Photo: The Forth Road Bridge

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