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Truckers make a stink over dirty toilets

Jun 30, 2015
Trucker’s Toilets UK and recruitment specialist Blue Arrow have launched a campaign to force the government to introduce minimum standards for HGV drivers’ toilet facilities.
The online petition aims to attract 100,000 signatures to put pressure on the Department for Transport to act. Blue Arrow says it has evidence that the poor state of toilet facilities is discouraging badly needed new drivers from joining the industry.

Mark Manaton, Blue Arrow CEO said, “Lorry drivers are the backbone of the UK’s infrastructure and yet aren’t currently getting the basic right of access to clean, working toilets. We know first-hand that drivers are suffering. Our petition is the first step in our campaign to do something about it. It’s also vital in terms of the impending driver shortage – how can we attract young people to an industry that can’t even offer them a clean loo?”

 “It's hard to believe that in the twenty first century the plethora of health and safety regulations have totally ignored the basic needs of our lorry drivers and are, as a consequence, putting their health - and ours - at risk.  If this country wants drivers it must look after them!”

To sign the petition go to:

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