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Germany and UK worst polluters in EU

Jul 16, 2015
German and British light vans are among the worst polluters in an increasingly fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly EU fleet, according to the European Environment Agency.

2014 saw an 18% increase in new van registrations in the EU, with 1.4 million new vehicles on the road. These vehicles are on average 2.4% more fuel-efficient than those sold in 2013, and emit 4 grams of CO2 less per kilometre.

The average van registered in 2014 emits 169.2 grams of CO2 per kilometre, 6 grams below the EU’s 2017 target.

But Germany (190.4 g CO2/km), and the United Kingdom (181 g CO2/km), which together accounted for 36% of the EU's new van sales in 2014, preferred models whose CO2 emissions far exceed the EU average and the 2017 target.

Photo: German and British light vans are among Europe's worst polluters.

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