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A different approach to Driver CPC training from RTITB

Sep 02, 2015
A new CourseBuilder from Driver CPC Consortium, RTITB, enables training providers and employers to create Driver CPC courses, uniquely tailored to their customer and business needs, without the requirement for their own JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) centre approval.

An estimated £205.2 million was spent during the last five-year cycle of Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training, based on a £60 spend for each of the 3.42 million attendees. “This staggering amount of money was spent by drivers and employers in our industry on training that was largely standardised and therefore often did not provide return on investment,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director of RTITB.

CourseBuilder from RTITB currently covers 110 topics including: optical driving behaviour, vulnerable road users, planning for efficiency and driving style, which all aim to change driver behaviour. Topics are delivered through a wide selection of highly engaging and interactive sessions. No session lasts longer than 35 minutes, to optimise driver attention and engagement. Eleven topics are selected from the CourseBuilder library to create the personalised seven-hour Periodic Training course.

“We have successfully begun to roll out a Driver CPC training system that challenges the status quo,” explained Laura Nelson.  “It provides those delivering training with highly relevant materials and those attending or paying for the training an interactive experience with added business benefits.” 

Course materials can be created to suit the branding of the company delivering or receiving the training and can include an optional assessment, taken outside of Periodic Training hours. Each 35-minute session can be delivered in a variety of ways including: quizzes, video led discussion, working party style discussions and case study-based learning.

“We understand that set courses don’t meet everybody’s requirements and not all businesses can afford to develop courses for each customer,” Laura continued.  “RTITB’s CourseBuilder aims to make training more personal and engaging, but most importantly it aims to change driver behaviour. This helps to ensure drivers’ personal road safety and enhances business operations such as customer service and compliance, both of which ultimately impact bottom line profits.”

Employer members of the Master Driver CPC Consortium will also find the 35-minute sessions beneficial independently to Driver CPC as they can be used as stand-alone training tools. A short refresher training session is often required, in support of an internal safety campaign or in the event of an incident at work; the individual CourseBuilder sessions are ideal for this.

 “We have revolutionised our approach to Driver CPC to help improve company training and bring something fresh to the thousands of drivers seeking Driver CPC Periodic Training. We are offering an alternative to employers looking for a different approach to Driver CPC for the next five years,” said Laura. “The Master Driver CPC consortium will continue to set the standard for Driver CPC Periodic Training in the UK.”

Photo:  New RTITB CourseBuilder will revolutionise Driver CPC training

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