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Derby business student sets up truck advertising company

Nov 15, 2015
A University of Derby student has set up a business supplying advertising space on lorries after saving thousands of pounds while working at a supermarket.

Edward Hollands came up with the idea to display adverts on the side of HGV trucks in a bid to help transport companies create additional revenue streams. 

The 21-year-old, who recently completed a BA (Hons) in Business Studies, launched his company, The Advert Man Limited, after working as a customer assistant at Tesco during his summer holidays and saving an impressive £10,000. Edward now manages more than 100 trailers across the UK, designing adverts and buying curtains for the side of the vehicles, to help advertise different products and services. 

Edward said, “The idea for the business came about when I began to notice that many lorries passing by were plain. Most of the population see HGV trailers every day – this has to be of interest to advertisers.” 

Edward, who lives in Derby, began by contacting logistics firms, that he had spotted on the A38 in Derby and asked if they would be interested in having adverts displayed on their vehicles. 

For those who agreed, he ordered ‘advertise here’ curtains before selling the space to advertisers. Edward said, “My aim was to connect fleet owners and advertisers to open up this market.  Currently I manage everything, from selling to ordering curtains.”  

While setting up the business, Edward said he had faced many obstacles, from his lack of knowledge using lorries as an advertising platform, to his inexperience in sales. 

“Once a company understands the concept, they seem to love it,” said Edward. “Over the next few years, I hope to make truck advertising more well-known, which should make it easier to sell space. I also hope to use its success to start a few more businesses both in related and unrelated industries.” 

Edward said the Derby Business School had helped shape his business idea. “One of the most memorable quotes I have taken from university is that you don’t start a business, you solve a problem, and that is what I have done to create my own.”  

Photo: Edward Hollands with one of his curtains 

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