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John Mason introduces: The Moving Gang

Jan 29, 2016
John Mason International has extended its happy team with a collection of characters designed to help make moving a fun and positive experience for the whole family.

The Moving Gang, part of John Mason International’s new brand campaign, is a collection of characters from all over the world, designed to help younger movers relate to and cope with the experience.  

The Moving Gang is a collection of four friendly characters designed to appeal to the whole family. Each one is happy with their living situation but has adapted – for the better. Monty Moose, in Canada, loves ice hockey but has had to get used to the cold. Kev Koala enjoys Australia’s warm climate so much he’s more likely to be found on the beach than up a tree. Stanley the Bear is a sleepy, friendly fellow, who spends his life moving from cave to cave across the United States, with each move resulting in him finding the ideal spot to hibernate. While tomboy Khloe Kiwi, the only girl in the gang, has found a common interest to bond with the others: she loves rugby in her new home country New Zealand. 

The Moving Gang characters were all named by John Mason International customers in a competition and will feature on the new company website, on special moving day activity sheets for children and they will be available as cuddly toys – reflecting the country people take them to in their move. 

“The Moving Gang are a bit of fun, but they reflect the fact we pride ourselves on looking after the entire family when relocating them,” said Noel Briscoe, John Mason International Chief Operating Officer. “These characters are inspired to help children understand what is happening, giving them characters and situations they can relate to - and they give parents a useful conversation starter too. With the Moving Gang, relocating can fast become a fun and familiar adventure, a chance to share travelling tales and to see and share their new corner of the world.” 

Photo:  The Moving Gang.

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