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Momentous launches new facility to help growing moving companies

Mar 08, 2016
Momentous relocation has announced the launch of a unique facility for existing and fledgling moving companies looking for warehousing and offices close to London: The Aylesbury Moving and Storage Centre.

The Centre will provide a complete range of moving facilities to growing companies, without significant capital outlay, that can be expanded as the business grows. 

This prestigious facility has become available as a result of Momentous Relocation repositioning its own business.  The 30,000 sq ft building has sufficient height to store standard storage modules up to 4½ high and has high quality, well equipped, modern offices on the same site.  Tenants will be able to take only the office and warehousing space they need to meet their current requirements and make adjustments as the business changes. Storage containers can be provided by Momentous or companies can use their own if they prefer.    Tenants will be charged for each container stored.    

David Hollins, Managing Director of Momentous Relocation, said that he believed this new facility to be a first for the UK moving industry.  “Not only does it allow developing companies to expand and flex their storage and office requirements to meet their business needs, the location is only an hour away from London where rates for storage and office accommodation are significantly higher,” he said.  “Tenants can use the building and address for marketing purposes, and can add their own branding if they wish.”  

For further information contact David Hollins on:

Photo:  Momentous’s new Aylesbury Moving and Storage Centre. 

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