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New trucks and new stunning livery for Matthew James

Mar 15, 2016
Matthew James Global Relocations has taken delivery of two new Mercedes Actros trucks, the latest editions to the company’s 35-vehicle fleet.

The 300bhp Euro 6, 2,400 cu ft rigids are the first in the Matthew James fleet to bear the new company livery featuring members of the team carrying letters spelling the words ‘HOME MOVE’ displayed on the sides.   

As is traditional with Matthew James, the trucks are also beautifully custom painted, one with scenes from the movie Frozen and the other with images of the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley. One of the trucks also has a painting of Director Matthew De-Machen’s daughter Olivia on the front, of which she is apparently very proud.  The custom paint job was carried out by LA Spray Shop, with sign writing by ESP Signs and coach work by SBR Motorsport.  

The new trucks, which are 100 cu ft larger than the firm’s older rigids and have lower chassis height for easy loading, will be used mainly in the UK and for short-haul European work, with the company’s famous road trains continuing to operate on long-haul routes.   

As you would expect from a FORS Gold member, the new Mercedes are equipped with the very latest safety technology including 360 Birdseye view Brigade recordable camera systems to eliminate blind spots and improve visibility while manoeuvring. The vehicles also have full tracking systems that enable managers to monitor driver behaviour, such as harsh breaking, speed, etc, and the truck’s location during each journey.  A device that cuts the engine if the driver is tail-gating is also fitted.  

“These days safety and compliance is vitally important so we’ve invested in all the latest technology to help our drivers and crews,” said Matt.  "As well as the cameras and telematics the new trucks have six seats so the 3rd and 4th porters can travel in comfort and safety in the same vehicle.  We’ve also gone for a 3-axle configuration to avoid any possibility of being overweight.  With a 2-axle set up it’s very easy to go up to 8% overweight with a full load of average household goods, I think that’s something a lot of movers don’t realise.”  

Matthew James is planning more additions to the fleet with a new shape Scania due to hit the road in late 2016 or early next year.  

Photo: Matthew James’ new trucks 


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