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From high-seas to creative innovation

May 01, 2016

When American entrepreneur Malcom Purcell McClean invented the ISO shipping container back in the 1950s, he could never have guessed that his tough metal boxes would be put to so many uses around the world. So when supplier S Jones Containers (SJC) was approached by London’s Battersea Studios to supply two modified units for a pop-up café, it probably came as no surprise.  

The containers were designed and supplied together with the access stairs and mezzanine platform, and roof structure with letter ‘B’ sign that sits on top of the overall structure.  The aim was to free up space in the main building - previously occupied by the old cafeteria - for redevelopment as rentable space.   

Battersea Studios is home to some of the UK’s most creative businesses and the owners were keen to make the most of every square foot of the iconic building at Silverthorne Road, Battersea.  

London-based architects Barr Gazetas commissioned SJC to design and manufacture the café and bring the project to life.   

Tom Lacey, Associate Director at Barr Gazetas, said, “We found that by working directly with SJC as the designer and manufacturer, it brought us closer to the manufacturing process, giving us greater control of the development of the specification as it progressed.” 

S Jones Containers’ Senior Technical Sales and Design Manager Les Newick explained that shipping containers provide great flexibility and adaptability and are ideal for this kind of installation. “When combined with creativity and engineering know-how, they can be extensively applied to a host of diverse projects.”  

In 2014, S Jones Containers Ltd, a fourth generation, family-owned business, celebrated its centenary after a record year of container sales, hire and conversions contracts.  

Photo: Pop-up café  



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