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The DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme

Jul 01, 2016
The DVSA has launched a scheme whereby operators are rewarded for having highly compliant systems.

Operators will ‘earn recognition’ by proving a strong track record of compliance, as well as allowing the DVSA to access their real time driver and vehicle data.

Operators will be rewarded for their good compliance by reducing or eliminating the number of routine roadside checks; these can be expensive for both operators and the DVSA.

Entry into the scheme will be through criteria across a number of operational compliance categories, such as a very high annual test pass rate. Operators will provide the DVSA with access to their records and maintenance programmes, e.g. tachograph, MoT and servicing data.

Only exemplary operators will be awarded earned recognition status. For compliant operators and those who can be compliant with support, as well as potential rule-breakers, the Remote Enforcement Office will make a request for their documents and examiners will complete an audit of these documents remotely. They will then consider compliance levels; this avoids physical visits to operator premises.

For non-compliant and seriously/ serially noncompliant operators, enforcement will be led by the Strategic Management Office of the DVSA. The aim is to make non-compliance simply economically non-viable to operators. The earned recognition scheme has been piloted in the South East since October 2015 and will be rolled out to the rest of the UK. There is still a great deal of information which needs to be decided.

Information courtesy of Backhouse Jones Solicitors:

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