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Surge in Australia enquiries following Brexit vote

Aug 18, 2016

John Mason International is reporting a significant increase in the number of people seeking information about emigration to Australia following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. 

The company says a spike in visitors to its website is a direct result of the referendum, with many British families feeling disillusioned by the Brexit vote. 

“Australia is a popular destination among Britons seeking out a better life for themselves and their families, and we’ve been instrumental in hundreds of moves over the past 70 years,” said John Mason International’s, Simon Hood. “Since 1945, more than 7.2 million people have moved Down Under and I fully expect this figure to increase rapidly over the coming months.” 

Australia is one of the UK’s closest countries in terms of culture and history, and its glorious climate is also an attractive proposition, prompting people to give up their UK lives and start afresh halfway around the world. 

Like most countries, Australia has important immigration rules, regulations and procedures to follow. Its well-known points system - favoured by Brexit campaigners in the run up to the vote - plays an important role in deciding whether prospective expats are granted permission to move there. 

“The increase in the number of Brits wishing to relocate to Australia will no doubt have a positive impact on that nation’s economy – most likely to the detriment of the UK,” added Simon. 

Photo: Australia is a popular destination with Britons looking for a better life.

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