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UK government proposes cuts to Severn Crossing tolls

Apr 12, 2017
Drivers and businesses will benefit from proposed cuts to Severn Crossing tolls following the return to public ownership, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced on 13 January during a visit to Wales with Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns.

The government’s proposals would see the prices paid for all vehicles halved, making a significant difference to commuters, travellers, and small businesses in particular, with some drivers seeing savings of more than 75%. The new toll charges are expected to be introduced in 2018. 

The government is also looking at removing toll barriers and introducing free-flow tolling on the Severn Crossing that will help cut congestion and journey times. 

Secretary of State Chris Grayling said, “The government is determined to make the right decisions for Britain’s future and reducing the tolls on the Severn Crossing will cut costs for businesses helping boost jobs and trade in Wales and across the south-west.” 

Once the crossings return to public ownership they will be managed by Highways England. 

Under the proposals cars will pay £3 instead of £6.70; small buses or vans will pay £3 down from £13.40, lorries and coaches will pay £10 instead of £20. 

Blue Badge holders and motorcycles will continue to be exempt from the tolls. The money raised will pay for the operation and maintenance of the crossings as well as future improvements. 

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said, “This is excellent news for people living and working in Wales who use the Severn Bridge, particularly van drivers who will pay over 75% less. These savings will make a huge difference to those who use the crossings regularly and it will provide a major boost to companies pitching for new business, who can now be much more competitive.” 

The government has also set out plans for these reductions to be applied to the rates paid by electronic TAG users, who are amongst the most regular users of the crossings. Cars will save £65.12 a month; small buses and vans will save £183 a month, lorries and coaches will save £198 a month. 

The removal of toll barriers and the introduction of free-flow tolling on the Severn Crossing would also allow two-way charging which could mean the price charged for a single crossing will be halved. 

Photo: Some users will save 75% when the new tolls take effect in 2018.

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