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Bespoke Bodies launches new vehicles for removals industry

Apr 21, 2017
Warrington-based vehicle body builder Bespoke Bodies Ltd has announced that it is now designing and building its own waggon & drag trailers.

The company has also introduced a rigid 18-tonne vehicle with a modified aerodynamic sleeper pod and six-crew cab, which is ideal for the moving industry.

“Building our own trailers rather than buying them in from a third party means that we have full control of the production process,” said Bespoke’s Technical Director, John Sturt. “We are unusual in that we are engineers as well as body builders and have all the skills to design and build trailers in-house from the ground up, without having to rely on others. That’s particularly important for a low-volume niche market like the removals industry where you’re often dealing with an order for a single unit.”

Bespoke’s engineers have taken great care to build all the latest technology into their new trailers including electronic braking, anti-roll systems and the option of a de-mountable body. “Our trailers are built to the highest technical specifications and we have a policy of continual improvement to make sure we keep ahead of the game and competitive,” said John.

The company’s new 18-tonne rigid body can accommodate six people, including the driver, avoiding the need for a second vehicle to carry the removal crew to a job, while the aerodynamic sleeper pod reduces drag and therefore saves fuel. “It really is a win-win for the removals business,” said John. “Being able to carry a crew of six in the cab is a major advantage, it not only saves fuel, it also means the second vehicle can be used productively elsewhere rather than being parked-up during the move.”

Although six-crew cabs are nothing new, the Bespoke team has designed the cab in such a way that the payload is not compromised and a five-box load can be accommodated without the need for an expensive non-standard chassis.

As well as building bodies to order, Bespoke also stocks a range of ready built vehicles for deliver off-the-shelf. The company also offers removals companies the option of long-term contract hire as an alternative to outright purchase.

Photos: Bespoke’s swap body trailer (left) and six-man cab (right).

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