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New insurance rules for self-driving cars

Apr 21, 2017
Since the first time self-driving cars were discussed, one issue has been a primary concern: who’s to blame if there’s an accident.

Now the UK government has clarified the position in the hope of encouraging the testing and use of more self-drive cars.

Measures around insurance for self-driving cars will ensure better protection - a single insurance product for automated vehicles will now be able to cover the motorist when they are driving, as well as when the car is in automated mode. This will mean innocent victims involved in a collision with an automated vehicle will have quick and easy access to compensation. The measures follow a consultation by the Department for Transport on the issue of insurance for self-driving cars that closed in September 2016. The Secretary of State will be given the power to classify which vehicles are ‘automated’ and subject to the new insurance requirement.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said, “Automated vehicles have the potential to transform our roads in the future and make them even safer and easier to use, as well as promising new mobility for those who cannot drive. But we must ensure the public is protected in the event of an incident and today we are introducing the framework to allow insurance for these new technologies.”

David Williams, Head of Underwriting at insurance giant AXA UK commented, “This is a positive step forward that provides clarity to insurers to ensure we design our products appropriately. It keeps protection of the general public at its heart which we hope will encourage early adoption of some really impressive technology.”

Photo: The government has clarified the insurance position with regard to self-driving cars.

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