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IAM RoadSmart publishes road safety manifesto

Jul 27, 2017

Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has published its own manifesto calling on all road safety professionals to work together to reduce the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on the UK’s roads.

IAM RoadSmart put together the 12-point manifesto with the aim of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads. In 2015 the number killed stood at 1,730, showing little reduction over the previous four years.

The manifesto includes a call for legislators, car makers, social media and smartphone companies to work with road users on practical solutions to address driver distraction, especially smartphone usage and interactive dashboard information availability.

The charity also highlights road safety at work as a critical health and safety issue that requires higher priority and one which should be at the core of good corporate governance for every employer.

The manifesto urges Defra to implement cross-government procurement rules to accelerate the uptake of safe new vehicles with features such as autonomous braking.

New drivers are included as IAM RoadSmart called for further changes to post-driving test driving rules and support for a 12-month minimum learning period for new drivers.

The charity also calls for a reduction in the drink-drive limit in England and Wales, matching that already in place for Scotland.

On highways, IAM RoadSmart urges local councils and central government to protect long-term funding to finally eradicate the road maintenance backlog.

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said, “The UK has one of the best road safety records in Europe, but still 1,730 people a year are killed. We believe by working together with government and the road safety ‘industry’ we can deliver a step change in road safety and significantly reduce the fatalities and injuries which occur daily on our roads.”

Photo: Sarah Sillars

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