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Drivers support diesel scrappage scheme

Sep 05, 2017
Around two thirds of UK road users would support a scrappage scheme for older diesel cars, vans and lorries in an effort to get the worst polluting vehicles off our roads, according to a survey by IAM RoadSmart.

The survey, by the UK’s biggest independent road safety charity, asked respondents to rate the various options put forward in the government’s recent nitrogen dioxide consultation but found that only 3% of respondents are confident that the proposed measures would solve the problem quickly. 

More than 1,400 people across the UK, including IAM members and non-members, took part in the survey, which was conducted in June this year. Some 64% of those surveyed said they supported a diesel scrappage scheme, compared with 27% who did not. Most wanted any scheme to apply to cars over eight years old.  

Some 83% of those surveyed by IAM RoadSmart agreed with the government’s view that retro-fitting buses, coaches, HGVs, vans and black cabs with new equipment should be the priority. However, those surveyed felt the driver as an individual also has a responsibility to drive in a more eco-friendly manner. Some 75% agreed that encouraging drivers to change their driving behaviour should play a part in the government’s approach to tackling air quality. 

UK drivers appear to have been influenced by the ‘dieselgate’ scandal as 67% of them either mistrust or strongly mistrust car makers to sell cars that will match consumer expectations for environmental performance. 

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said, “It is clear to me that the public at large feel the government needs to be decisive and proactive when it comes to making our air quality better. They see strong government direction as key to making sure it happens. We must not forget that drivers themselves have a part to play in the way they drive – it is within the power of each of us to become a better and more eco-friendly driver and it is our responsibility to do so.” 

She added, “It is, however, clear that the car manufacturers have some way to go to rebuild trust with the public - it would seem that only when their environmental claims more closely match real world performance that trust will be on the increase. Reputations take years to build and moments to fall.” 

Photo: 64% of those surveyed support a scrappage scheme and felt it should apply to vehicles over eight years old.

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