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A third of UK drivers still flouting mobile phone laws

Oct 13, 2017
A new study for Kwik Fit has shown that despite high profile government and police campaigns increased fines and penalty points, many motorists are still flouting the law by using their mobile phones while driving.

The survey revealed that a third (34%) of drivers are still using their mobile phone without a handsfree set. The figures are especially alarming as the most recent government statistics show that in five years there was a 24% increase in the number of accidents in which the driverwas distracted by using a mobile phone. 

Kwik Fit’s study showed that more than a quarter (26%) of drivers use their satnav or GPS on their phone, 19% take calls, 17% read texts and 12% send texts while driving. Although some drivers claim they only use their phone in an emergency, more than half a million motorists admit to making calls on almost every journey they make. 

43% of motorists do not know that the penalty for using a hand-held phone when driving is six points. Only 47% of Brits know that those caught using a phone without a handsfree set in their first two years of driving will lose their licence. 

The youngest drivers are the most ignorant about mobile phone rules, despite the use of a handheld mobile phone having been illegal since before they started driving. Drivers aged 18-24 are nearly three times more likely than the average motorist to believe it’s legal to use a phone when stopped at traffic lights; and twice as likely to think they can answer calls but not make them and use their phone in slow moving traffic. All these statements are incorrect. 

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit said, “The findings of this study are very worrying indeed. While car manufacturers have made great strides in improving safety, it is vital that drivers remember that they are the most important safety feature in the vehicle. Any form of distraction can have serious consequences, as sadly, the statistics clearly show.” 

Photo The youngest drivers are the most ignorant about mobile phone rules.

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