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Zeeland Seaports introduces online intermodal planner

May 22, 2014
Just as important for a port as its location on the sea are the connections it has with inland destinations.

The more good connections there are the more transport there can be to and from the port.  So, to provide carriers with a better idea of the current possibilities for container transport to and from Zeeland, Zeeland Seaports has introduced a new online planner:


The new site - built in cooperation with Ecorys (an international provider of research, consulting and management services) - is a simple and quick way of showing users the different possibilities for transporting containers from door to door, such as information on means of transport and the time a shipment spends en route.


Zeeland Seaports is hoping the site will introduce users to the many possibilities the Zeeland ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen already offer for storing and handling containers. There are also container depots at various locations in the Zeeland ports, avoiding the need to transport empty containers unnecessarily.


Zeeland Seaports is the company responsible for developing, managing, maintaining and operating the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen in The Netherlands.  



Photo: Zeeland Seaports’ online intermodal planner

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