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General Statement

The Mover has a sincere regard for individuals privacy and operates an anti-spam policy. Any mailings from The Mover are done so on an 'opt-in' basis and are targeted only at those individuals whom we think may genuinely have interest in the products, services or events on offer.

The rest of the privacy statement details what information we capture about visitors to the site, and what we do with it.

Information Captured

Information captured about visitors to the site falls into two distinct categories, i.e. Personal Information, such as e-mail, postal and IP addresses, telephone numbers etc, and non-personal information from which a visitor could not be traced, such as the operating system being used, the browser, etc.

Personal Information may be captured when a visitor orders or downloads a product from the web site or when a visitor explicitly sends us this information through an e-mail or contact form. This information may be used to send out promotional materials but only on a carefully selected opt-in basis. Personal information will never knowingly be gathered or used without the knowledge of the site visitor. Personal information is never made available to any third party without the express permission of the individual concerned.

Non-personal Information such as the visitors' operating systems, browsers, etc, is collected in the form of a standard W3C log file. This information is transmitted to the web server as part of the HTTP header. We may use this information to analyse the performance of our web site, to obtain statistics about browser and OS usages, etc. Such information may be made available to third parties and/or the general public in aggregate form only, from which it is not possible to trace any individual visitor.


A 'Cookie' is a small text file that is placed on a user's machine when they request a web page. Cookies are often used to provide the visitor with a more personal browsing experience and to maintain 'Session State', for example an ID number for a shopping basket. This site uses ASP.Net which may use Cookies to maintain session state, and we may choose to utilise cookies for other purposes also. Where possible, we always ensure that the Cookies we use expire immediately on exiting the web site.

Site performance is monitored using tools such as Google Analytics which may also utilise cookies.  Information gathered on site performance is presented in aggregate form without identifying individual users.

We do not knowingly or intentionally use any third-party cookies other than those explicitly mentioned above, nor do we deliberately track the behaviour of or collect information about individuals using the site except where individuals have explicitly offered information, e.g. by completing a contact form or interacting with social media facilities such as Twitter and Facebook.

Internet-based transfers

Given that the Internet is a global environment, using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Therefore, by browsing this site and communicating electronically with us you acknowledge and agree to our processing of personal data in this way.

Complaints & queries

If you have any complaints or queries about our privacy policy, please e-mail us at