Clients, bytes, exiting, sales and participation

We have some interesting stuff for you this month.  Well, hopefully, we always do, but you know what I mean.

I was particularly pleased to secure an interview with Matt Tebbe who is the CEO of Cartus.  It’s always interesting to get a client-side view of things and Matt is running one of the biggest clients many of you have.  I hope you enjoy reading his thoughts.  There’s also a really interesting story about the digitalisation of the industry with a new initiative – the ONE Record Standard – beginning to gain some traction in the industry having already made a mark on the aviation sector.  Please take a look on page 34 to read all about it.  I believe this represents a major development for the future of the mobility business.  I was intrigued too with the story from Voerman about leaving Moscow.  Their reasons are obvious but the mechanics of getting out of a country in which you have prospered for so long are complex. 

There’s also a story on page 24 about selling.  Now I know many of you would disagree, but I don’t think the general level of sales ability in the moving industry is very good.  There will be exceptions of course, but generally sales seems to have degenerated into order-taking in many areas of the business.  It’s my opinion that the lack of investment in sales skills has led, in part at least, to the slide into commoditisation that our industry has experienced in the last couple of decades.

I was delighted to see, therefore, that IAM Learning has had a sales course for a few years and FIDI is starting its first in November.  That said, I am surprised that it has not been more of a priority, both with the suppliers and the movers who create the demand.  Maybe that is about to change. I hope all the courses are fully subscribed.

Finally, may I congratulate both FIDI and OMNI for excellent conferences in May.  Regular readers will know that for years I have been banging on about how few people attend the plenary sessions at FIDI and IAM especially.  This year in Edinburgh the FIDI delegates turned out in force for most of the business sessions and, judging by the volume of questions coming from the audience, found them engaging.  Perhaps the continual nagging is finally having an effect.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover