Keeping the industry’s heritage safe

It only struck me the other day that our new website, developed at horrendous cost and using the greatest technical minds known to mankind, is unique.  It’s unique because as well as being an instant source of the latest news from the industry, it’s also the world’s only permanent and comprehensive record of everything that the industry has been doing over the last 10 years. 

And that’s a very valuable thing.  Just go to the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the home page and have a play.  Type in ‘shipping’ and you’ll get 336 search results; 20 results for ‘container weighing’; 178 for ‘Brexit’; 244 for ‘FIDI’; 228 for ‘IAM’; and a whopping 525 for ‘training’.  The search engine on the site brings up everything we have ever written on any subject you like.  If you are feeling brave you could try searching for your own company or even your own name. Now there’s a challenge.  If you find you’re not listed maybe you should have a chat with your PR people because there’s a big part of your industry communications they are missing out on. Go on – I dare you.  Have a go!

But it’s not just a plaything.  It’s a real asset for the whole industry.  I know that some associations have gone to great lengths to document their history and track the development of the industry over time.  Since we started publishing in April 2011, we have been doing that very thing. Not much has passed by our antenna without being mentioned. And in an industry that values its history, longevity and tradition as much as ours does, that’s really powerful.  What’s more, it’s free for everyone to use.  We will continue be the keeper of the industry’s heritage in this way for as long as we have breath.  Please use it.  We do it for your benefit, not ours.

On another subject, we are on the cusp of the IAM virtual conference.  I am really looking forward to it.  I have already seen how well the small virtual meetings, organised by various groups, have been received.  I know that IAM already has around 600 people registered and I suspect, as the date approaches, there will be plenty more who cannot contain their curiosity.  I will report on it, of course, but it would be much better if you took the time to join in. See you there.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover

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