A modest ambition

It’s that time of year again. Looking around my neighbourhood it looks like it’s been that time of year for months. The plastic reindeer in the gardens have started taking root and the inflatable Santas are wilting, and it’s only December 1st.  Oh well, after months of doom and gloom I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge people the opportunity for a little jollity.

Talking of jollity, I hope I have included a few items to make you smile this month. I have started my coverage of the IAM conference in Orlando with my overview thoughts, a glimpse into what some of the panel discussions were about and a summary of Chuck White’s presentation.  We will be publishing more in-depth stories on some of these subjects in future issues, but I hope this provides a flavour of the proceedings for now.

I have put the Digital Inventory topic centre stage on page 38. It seems to me this is developing into a really hot topic, not least with the US government getting in on the action.  I urge you to read the story if you are in any way involved with international moving, even if not US military, as I suspect the developments that take place in the coming months in this regard will set the tone for the future.

I also welcome the return of The Movers and Storers show in the UK. It’s the only independent show of its kind as far as I am aware and, as such, deserves our support. It’s been on hold, of course, for a while, but this one, by all accounts, was a full return to form with the organisers hailing it as having a record attendance. The Mover moderated the Seminar Theatre, and we will be bringing full reports on what the speakers had to say in future issues. This month, as with IAM, we just have a brief overview.

So, it remains for me simply to wish you a happy Christmas. Whether you identify as Christian or not it is, at least, a time to mark the end of a tempestuous year and take a deep breath. As we do, perhaps we will be able to reflect on the trials of those less fortunate than us and resolve, if we can, to do what we can to make their lives a little easier. That seems to be a modest ambition, and one that we can all strive to achieve.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover

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