Helping life make sense

Dec 03 | 2019

Bishop’s Move has always been involved in charitable work, with giving back to the community at the heart of the business. Where possible it makes donations and raises money for several organisations trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Bishop's Move support SENSE charityOne organisation is SENSE, it is one of the few charities nationwide that aim to enhance the lives of individuals who are sensory deficient, individuals who are deafblind. Their mission is to help those who have extremely limited ability to communicate and aim to help these individuals experience the world to the fullest.

Bishop’s Move sees this as a very important charity and the donations thus far have made a considerable impact to SENSE and the individuals they work with day in, day out. As of October 2019, Bishop’s Move has raised over £90,000 over the course of 18 months. On a recent visit to SENSE, speaking with Adrian Darkin and Paul Hale, it had been highlighted that this money had helped fund 1,700 first assessments for children with the disability, 850 art sessions, 2,833 family days and 1,888 sensory bags, all of which are imperative to providing deafblind individuals with touch based sensory experience and overall support.

Chris Marshall, Bishop’s Move Marketing Director, said: “SENSE pride themselves on providing a means for deafblind individuals to fulfil their full potential and live their lives to the fullest. Bishop’s Move is proud to support such an incredible organisation making an impact to those who need it most.”

Photo:  Photo includes Oliver Bingle and Chris Marshall (Marketing Director) from Bishop’s Move, with Paul Hale, Donated Stock Manager and Adrian Darkin, Director of Trading from SENSE, with branch staff from the SENSE depot in Dartford.