Van der Ent Group and Baggage Hub join forces

Feb 28 | 2020

Netherlands-based Van der Ent Group and Baggage Hub have announced the creation of a brand-new European hub in the Rotterdam/Hague area for overseas shipments.

Simon and Daniel BagguleyBaggage Hub is based in the UK and has offices in the USA and the UAE.  It specialises in sending small to mid-sized shipments worldwide using technology-based solutions.

Daniel Bagguley, Baggage Hub’s CEO said, “We knew that to take the next step, Baggage Hub needed a solid base within mainland Europe. Aside from putting ourselves in a position to face the challenges posed by Brexit, we also needed a partner that was going to help us meet the growing demand for smaller shipments throughout Europe. Van der Ent Group had everything we were looking for and more. The partnership just made perfect sense!”

The Van der Ent Group, which was founded in 1922, recently launched a digital platform - - designed to enable individuals to send small shipments of personal items worldwide and will now be utilised by Baggage Hub’s own innovative technology.

Christiaan van der Ent, CEO of the Van der Ent group said, “This is a unique combination of two worlds coming together. We see a strong customer need to do everything online and, with the baggage hub platform, we are ready to serve this new online generation. With 98 years of experience, we are more than ready to integrate the hub services for mainland Europe.”

Photo: Simon and Daniel Bagguley