UK lockdown sparks surge in self storage enquiries

Apr 01 | 2020

Data from Google Trends shows there has been a recent surge in enquiries for self storage. The reason is thought to be people making room for home offices, home gyms and family members while the UK is in lockdown.

StorageWorldThe data revealed a 21% year-on-year increase in searches for ‘self storage’ in March - up to more than 18,500 searches per month. The increase in demand has also been seen by Storage World, one of the leading suppliers of self storage units across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, with the firm reporting a 35% increase in phone calls and a 20% increase in overall enquiries. 

Self storage providers across the country remain open as they are regarded as an essential service, with many hospitals, care homes and other essential services and businesses dependent on them to store supplies year-round. 

Commenting on the trend, Marc Studholme, Managing Director at Storage World said, “We have certainly seen an increase in the number of storage enquiries since the UK-wide lockdown was announced, but we have also seen a significant shift in the type of enquiries we have been receiving. Traditionally the profile of a storage customer is pretty consistent; we usually have a 50/50 split between domestic and business enquiries. Since the lockdown, it’s more like 90/10 with far more domestic enquiries as people look to make space in their homes.”

Marc continued, “Every single business and individual has had to change to adapt to some extent in order to try and cope, and the only thing that is certain is that the long-term impact of these changes will be significant and could change the way we live and work forever.”

Storage World is a self storage facility based in Manchester with sites based at Old Hall Street, Middleton, Ashton Old Road, Manchester and Airport City, Manchester.

Photo: Storage World