Leadership changes at Santa Fe

Jun 11 | 2020

Yann Blandy, CEO and Co-Owner of Santa Fe Relocation, has announced the establishment of a new Group Leadership Team.

Yann Blandy

The new team comprises Runar Nilsen as deputy CEO, Nick Malcolmson as CFO, Julia Palmer as COO of Relo, and Mikkel Kill and COO of moving.  Yann said that the team has also added some ‘seasoned veterans’ of the industry to ensure better decisions and faster execution, including: Anthony Heszberger, Federico Montilla, Gregory Renouf and James Gooding.

Yann said that the company had seen great progress in its restructuring projects and the implementation of its strategic priorities. “We have secured new business opportunities and retention of important customers across all services,” he said. 

However, COVID-19 came as an unexpected challenge. “Like the rest of the world, we have had to transform our ways of working to accommodate new protocols for the safety and health of our clients and employees, and we were, of course, strongly affected by closed borders and countries in lockdown. It has not been easy all the way through, but we are truly impressed by the entire organisation and how our employees have navigated the unknown and supported our clients despite the many constraints.”

Yann said that the company needs to change as the world changes around it and so has streamlined the organisation to adapt.

Photo:  Yann Blandy