Expansion at Mudinmar and a new Europe/South American hub

Jun 22 | 2020

Mudinmar Mobility in Spain has expanded its range of services with a new acquisition, the launch of a new relocation company and the formation of a transport hub to provide a link between South America and Europe.

Mudinmar has offices in Madrid and Valencia through which it specialises in moving household goods throughout Europe, including weekly groupage services to the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, and regular services to South America.  In three separate initiatives the company has expanded its services and introduced a new concept of a European hub to serve its clients in South America.

Acquisition of Iberomudanzas Alejandro

Mudinmar has acquired Madrid-based IbemualMudinmar has acquired established Madrid moving company Iberomudanzas Alejandro, otherwise known as Ibemual.  This has expanded the company’s experienced staff and logistical resources in the city and strengthened its removal, transport and furniture storage capacity throughout the region.  These additions include six vehicles, 100 furniture storage pallets and increasing the overall facility size by 1,500 m2.

Launch of Relomar

In a separate development, Mudinmar has launched its relocation and pet transport division: Relomar.

Relomar will provide a wide range of relocation services to its corporate clients, including cultural training, guided tours and pre-visits in the city, and school and home search to help assignees both before and after their relocation, whether permanent or temporary. The service also includes the transportation of pets.

New South America - Europe hub

For many years Mudinmar has had a regular flow of shipments to and from South America.  The company has now decided to expand this service by providing a central trade hub for all shipments between Europe and South America.

Gregorio Martinez, Mudinmar CEO, said that this was a very exciting new service that would provide access to its moving, logistics, vehicle transport and art transport services, to its industry partners. “We believe that this will save costs and speed up shipping and receiving times for our partners both in Europe and South America,” he said.

Mudinmar says that Spain’s geographical location makes it the perfect connection point to carry out consolidated removals and shipments of goods from Europe to South America or vice versa. In addition, the existing government relations between South American countries and Spain facilitate customs procedures, an opportunity that is of benefit to Mudinmar's European partners.