FTA changes name to Logistics UK

Jul 19 | 2020

On 27 July, 2020 the Freight Transport Association (FTA) will be changing its name to Logistics UK.

David WellsFTA has always represented the whole logistics sector, with members from road, rail, sea and air, as well as those with goods to move like retailers and manufacturers.  FTA originally planned the change to take place earlier in the year but postponed it during the COVID-19 crisis to focus on supporting its members.

FTA will not be changing its focus or the important services, support and advice it provides to its 18,000+ member businesses. 

The new website, logistics.org.uk, will be live from 27 July, 2020 but phone numbers will remain the same and the e-mail addresses will revert automatically.

David Wells, Chief Executive at FTA said, “FTA is strong because of its size and scale and because we already represent all of logistics, a very large sector critical to the success of UK plc.”

“The name change to Logistics UK is a natural progression and makes it more obvious to stakeholders, like policymakers and young people looking to develop a career in logistics, that we are the only business group that represents the whole industry. I believe this change will strengthen our position and give us a great opportunity to achieve even more for members in the months and years to come.”

Photo: David Wells