WFH prompts EVBox to move to new global headquarters in Amsterdam

Jul 31 | 2020

Electric vehicle charging provider EVBox is moving to a new global headquarters in Amsterdam and is introducing a new working from home (WFH) policy after seeing an increase in productivity during the coronavirus pandemic.

EVBox was founded in the Netherlands in 2010 and now has a team of more than 500 employees across 13 offices in Europe and North America. Its employees have been working from home during the pandemic and this will remain the norm until the end of September 2020, but those who prefer to come to the office will be able to book their spot in consultation with their managers.

EVBox has a new HQAn internal survey showed that 52% of EVBox employees were more productive than when in the office, with 30% experiencing the same productivity level no matter the location. Furthermore, 60% of employees reported that their work-life balance improved during this period.

These results have prompted EVBox to introduce a new WFH policy for all employees across the globe. The new headquarters will not be seen as a daily office environment, but rather a collaboration hub. Employees are advised to set up an ergonomic working space in their homes, with EVBox compensating expenses for chairs, screens and other required equipment.

When working in the office, the company says it will ensure hygienic masks are provided for everyone, as well as a cleaning kit and table mat for each workspace. Hand sanitisers will also be present at every corner, and there will be 1.5m of space between each bookable workplace. EVBox’s office management will be in constant dialogue with the building owners to work on optimised cleaning schedules and to make further improvements in the coming months.

The new HQ is situated only a few minutes from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and has been completely renovated. It has been equipped with new heating and cooling systems, as well as new ventilation and solar panels. The furnishing includes second-life desks, and each floor is inspired by environmental themes that include water, earth and sun.

The company says the new headquarters will facilitate better collaboration between teams thanks to new meeting rooms and working spots, while new customer experience areas will enable visitors to become fully immersed in EVBox’s efforts to establish more sustainable EV (Electric Vehicle) charging technologies.

Photo: EVBox’s new HQ in Amsterdam features environmental themes including water, earth and sun.