COVID-19 crisis stimulates office fitness regime

Aug 14 | 2020

In these COVID-19 times, Danish moving company MFInterlogistics is encouraging its office staff to keep fit without even leaving the office.

Keeping fit in the officeMatthieu Odijk, Director Business Development, explained: “As a company we have to take responsibility for our customers’ wellbeing as well as our own staff. Next to the necessary precautions with the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), we decided that the overall health of the company and mostly the office staff could also use a boost.”

MFInterlogistics teamed up with Danish company Officefit to put together a programme to help everyone keep in shape and stay healthy.

Matthieu continued, “Officefit helped to make us understand that getting fit does not mean turning the workspace into a fitness room.  With Officefit there is a competitive element in that everyone’s efforts are recorded and you can compete against companies all over the country on who did the most. The main idea is to sit less, move more and eat healthier.”

“COVID-19 did not only bring dark clouds and bad news, it has actually stimulated the atmosphere here in the office, getting people engaged, active and way more energetic,” said Matthieu.

Photo: Keeping fit in the office.