New premises for NFB in Norway

Aug 27 | 2020

NFB International Relocations (NFB) in Norway has moved to new premises to meet its current needs and provide space for further expansion.

Office space in NFB International Relocation’s new premisesThe new facility is brand new and the result of a decision made in 2013 to move all long-term storage into a purpose-built facility and the requirement to expand the office space to accommodate an increased requirement for move management services and third-country moves.

Bjørn Carlsen, Managing Director, explained: “We decided to move to a more practical facility that was streamlined to our activities and with space enough to increase the number of office staff. We have moved all our long-term storage and the new building has the capacity to handle our contracts for the export of new items and for the preparation of air and LCL consignments.”

Bjørn and wife Maria in the warehouseBjørn added: “This manoeuvre streamlines our company for the activities at hand, with surrounding land enabling further expansion if required. With the newly signed four-year contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs covering Asia/Oceania, Africa and Americas, in addition to recent renewed contracts with other multinational corporate accounts, we already know that our move to new facilities was the right decision.”

He said that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which Norway seems largely to have escaped, the activity level is as expected this time of year.  “We currently have around 250 international moves in the pipeline, waiting for the transition from tentative packing dates to firm dates and a nice activity level for third-country moves. Some domestic accounts as well have kept us relatively busy with an acceptable activity level during the pandemic.  None of NFB’s employees have been infected and strong sanitary measures have been enforced to safeguard the health of employees and clients.”


Office space in NFB International Relocation’s new premises

Bjørn and wife Maria in the warehouse