Opportunities for movers with Nifty

Aug 27 | 2020

Two years ago, Tony Factor started a new business moving company called Nifty Business Movers, part of The VF Group. The Group also includes Eden Interiors, an interior design and fit-out company.

Nifty is on the lookout for Service PartnersThe business model for Nifty involves using Service Partners to deliver the moving services while Nifty focusses on generating the enquiries, performing the survey, costing and move management. The company is currently on the lookout for moving companies that would like to diversify into commercial moving by becoming a Nifty Service Partner.

Tony has spent a lifetime in the moving industry, first with Pickfords in the 1980s, then with his own company that he subsequently sold to Harrow Green. His latest venture, with Scott Clarke as its MD, uses his commercial moving experience but brings it up to date by adopting a ‘virtual’ concept. Having been formed in 2018, Tony is expecting the company to turn over £1m in the current financial year.

Tony FactorHe believes that the traditional model for asset-heavy commercial movers using telesales to generate business is outdated. “We started the company as an experiment using Google AdWords and Pay per Click,” he said. “Google never goes sick, never takes a day off or books a holiday.  It's always there.”  Having received the enquiry, Nifty’s own sales staff perform a physical survey and provide the client with a quotation.  When accepted, Nifty then offers the job to its Service Partners for a fixed price. The company also partners with crate hire companies.

“The VF in the VF Group refers to Values First,” said Tony, explaining that when he takes on staff and Service Partners he is mostly concerned about their attitude and values. “We embrace a number of values in the business and strive to keep our suppliers in line with them.”  They include: supporting and respecting each other; keeping promises; communicating honestly and openly; and recognising performance. “These values guide how we work and how we act towards our customers, staff and partners.”

The Nifty model keeps overheads lean to meet what Tony believes is the current trend for smaller moves and a more agile service. “We don't own any vehicles or warehouses; everything is done through Service Partners.”

Nifty operates predominantly in the London area but is willing to consider expanding further afield if the right partners come along. “We are looking for movers who are interested in making their assets sweat at the weekend,” he said, adding that they should be companies that offer a high-quality service and are working towards achieving ISO 9001 and 14001.  

One potentially unique feature of the Nifty offering is a guarantee to customers that, if a job is not done on time or on budget, it will be free of charge. “If the client is not up and running in the new office on the first day for any reason that was our fault, we would not charge them for the removal,” Tony explained.  Of course, as the move will have been performed by a Service Partner he would expect them to “share the pain” should that situation arise.  That said, Tony said he had been making the offer for 10 years and had never been called upon to honour it.

Tony said that he knew that some companies were struggling right now because of COVID-19 and, if they were, they should get in touch because Nifty does have opportunities. “It's our job to deliver the Monday morning moment for our clients: they arrive at the new office, switch on the computer, everything works, and nobody can use the move as an excuse.”

Any company interested in contacting Nifty can do so by e-mailing Rachel Gay at rachelg@niftymovers.co.uk


Tony Factor

The company is on the lookout for Nifty Service Partners