Family relocates from historic Irish castle after 840 years

Sep 14 | 2020

Moving the contents of an exquisite Irish castle would be a challenging task at the best of times but when it is perhaps the oldest family-owned residential castle in Ireland, the challenge becomes monumental.

Howth Castle in north Dublin is the home of the Lawrence family, Earls of Howth, whose ancestors have lived there since the early twelfth century.

AMC relocates family after 840 yearsManaging Director of AMC Removals, Aubrey McCarthy, was contacted by the family and asked to relocate the furniture and personal effects to their new home. Having completed many similar relocations of Irish castles, including moving Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to Kiltinan Castle, AMC Removals was able to provide the professional service required by the family. 

The castle was full of antiques and collectibles acquired through the centuries, including heirlooms passed down from the previous Earls. The materials, shapes and sizes of the artworks were so varied, it required a creative mindset to work out how to safely move them. However, AMC has extensive experience in handling paintings, sculptures and other delicate items and its team of movers was able to execute the relocation of the full private collection, including building customised crates, to ensure maximum protection during the move.

Aubrey McCarthy said that it was an honour to carry out such a historical move. “We pride ourselves on our professional service and our ability to customise to our clients’ needs. Whether it is moving the contents of a semi-detached house or an entire castle, AMC provide the same level of dedication and service.”

Coincidentally, while moving the contents of Howth Castle, AMC was also being audited for its FIDI FAIM accreditation and passed with flying colours! 

Photo: AMC relocates family after 840 years.