Customs services for moves between the UK and Europe

Jan 19 | 2021

A new business, Universal Customs Clearance in Ipswich, is offering customs clearance and customs entry services for consignments through Felixstowe and Dover, specifically for moving companies who are providing services into Europe after Brexit.

Nigel Hubert, a director of the company, started his career working in his family’s shipping company as a shipping clerk and has since had a close association with the moving industry.  His business partners have all worked within the shipping and forwarding industry for many years.

“We just need the details of each shipment that’s on the lorry so that we can do the export declaration,” he said.  “It’s our job to get all the documentation completed in a timely manner to make sure vehicles are not held up at the port because there’s something wrong with the paperwork.”

This new service will allow moving companies to perform moves into Europe without needing to worry about the paperwork, just as they did before Brexit.