EUROMOVERS conference postponed until 2022

Jan 27 | 2021

Networking group EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance has regretfully announced the postponement of its annual conference, scheduled to take place in Portugal in May, until spring 2022. This is the second time the conference has had to be re-scheduled due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Thomas Juchum General Manager Thomas Juchum said, “Sadly the threat of COVID-19 has not disappeared, quite the contrary, and is having a profoundly serious impact in EU countries. Our member in Portugal, Fabio Manuel of INVICTUS Relocations, informed us recently of the negative effects the pandemic is having in the country and the government's decision to close all non-essential businesses and schools.” 

“As a result, and in line with other organisations and associations in our industry, our Supervisory and Executive Boards decided to postpone the 2021 conference in Lisbon in the hope that the situation will ease by May next year.”

Photo: Thomas Juchum, General Manager, EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance.