EUROMOVERS International renames and relocates to Germany

Jan 29 | 2021

EUROMOVERS International has announced a change to its legal form to that of a European Cooperative (Societas Cooperativa Europaea).

Euromovers The new SCE is now fully established and can operate throughout the European Economic Area, including the European Economic Community. The organisation also has a new name, EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance SCE mbH.

In 2019, the Board of Directors of EUROMOVERS International decided to relocate from Luxembourg to Cologne, Germany, but although the relocation was within the European Union, it was not possible to move the company across the border in its existing legal form, necessitating the formation of a new company.

The ‘old’ company in Luxembourg remains operational for the time being but will be wound-up within the next few months.

Its new legal status allows EUROMOVERS to move its registered office and headquarters freely from one Member State to another, keeping the same legal identity. This is only one of many benefits the European Cooperative status offers, and the directors believe it is the ideal company form to enable the best promotion and support for its members. 

The historic move coincides with General Manager, Thomas Juchum’s 20th anniversary with the company. Thomas said it was a great honour to have been part of the success of EUROMOVERS and that he was looking forward to the next phase of the Group’s development as EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance SCE mbH.

Contact details:

EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance SCE mbH (European Cooperative with limited liability according to German law) 51, Mathias-Brueggen-Strasse, D-50827 Koeln (Cologne), Germany.


Members of the Executive Board: Keld Gissemann, HT Juchum.

President of the Supervisory Board: Denis Zonneveld.

Court of Registration: Cologne GnR 902.