Commercial drivers: get a COVID test before entering Kent

Feb 01 | 2021

Commercial drivers, including those driving vans, heading for Europe via Dover or the Channel Tunnel are advised by the Department for Transport (DfT) to get a negative COVID-19 test before entering Kent.

A negative test result is currently needed to enter France, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

There are around 40 sites across the UK where tests can be obtained, but some are working at full capacity and should be avoided. The tests are free and are valid for 72 hours.

The DfT is advising drivers to obtain a test as soon as possible and not to wait until later in their journey when they may be returned home if they prove positive. 

Please avoid the following sites as queueing is very likely:

  • Beaconsfield;
  • Cherwell Valley;
  • Clacket Lane eastbound;
  • Orwell Crossing truck stop;
  • Peterborough;
  • Rownhams;
  • Rugby Stobart truck stop;
  • Thurrock Services;
  • Watford Gap southbound.