UK Parliament forms All Party Group to support relocation sector

May 13 | 2021

The Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP) and British Parliamentarians have launched an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Relocation in an historic meeting. The new group signals a new era of partnership between politicians and relocation experts in the interests of professional relocation services.

Tad ZurlindenThe inaugural meeting of the new group elected its officers, with Sir Robert Syms MP as the first chairman. Other officers include Mark Pritchard MP, Greg Smith MP and Neil Coyle MP, thereby ensuring the group is properly constituted.

Sir Robert Syms said, “I’m very pleased to be able to play my part in promoting the benefits of inward investment, in which relocating employees is clearly an absolutely central element of the equation. This All-Party Group is a team that will take the sort of action needed to create a truly productive relationship in which economic progress is the winner. It’s good news, at a time when industry certainly needs reasons for some economical optimism.”

Tad Zurlinden, the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP), said that he’s been working on this project for over a year. “This is the first time in the sector’s 40-year history that we’ve had a formally constituted All-Party Group working for our interests. It’s a huge step forward and I’m delighted we have such high calibre officers, including Sir Robert Syms as its chair. We already have a good idea of the key areas of work we need to cover. These include visa issues, the tax threshold for relocations, technical issues associated with the processes to make sure we’re the most attractive nation on earth to relocate to. We’re determined to play our part in getting Britain, and the wider world, moving farther and faster, with relocation as a vital benefit for those looking for the best way to seamlessly move their staff to where they’re needed most.”

The ARP is also working with the Department for International Trade to assist with the government’s determination to act as a major force on in its interface with global business. Relocation is set to play a key role in how business manages the people it must move – and the ARP is determined to ensure the UK is a case study in doing it right.

Photo:  Tad Zurlinden