Business Moves Group to streamline operations

Jul 02 | 2021

Workplace relocation specialist Business Moves Group (BMG) has launched a new operating model to centralise pricing, planning and billing activities across the Group.

Rachel Houghton BMGThe restructure has been designed to enable the four BMG regions – Scotland, Northern Belt, Midlands and London & the South - to streamline their operational processes and pass on cost-savings to clients. BMG will continue to have physical locations in Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and London.

The company says that by centralising its administration, BMG’s regional teams can now fully focus on the needs of their customers and provide an even more efficient service.

In addition to centralising administration, BMG has incorporated all subsidiary companies into the core company. This will enable the business to unify its services, including project management, technical distribution, and furniture management.

Rachel Houghton, Managing Director of BMG said, “This feels like the next natural step for our business. A key driver has been to better reflect and support the business’ nationwide presence, leaving our regional teams with more time to focus on what really matters – offering our clients the very best experience and value for money.”

“It’s a complete change of culture for the business but the team is excited and up for the challenge, and that’s because there’s more opportunity for them to step into more senior roles and develop their skills. As part of this transformation, we’re providing more training because we believe that while it’s always important to invest in people, now is the time to make that the number one priority.”

In addition to implementing new reporting systems, BMG has invested in technology to ensure the new way of operating works as smoothly as possible. For example, an online survey tool, using sales drones to assess the intricacies of a site, will automatically send information about a client’s premises, including photographs and videos, to the operations teams so they know exactly what the project involves before even setting foot on site.

Photo: Rachel Houghton