Rotom acquires Roldo Rent

Dec 23 | 2021

Rotom, a total supplier of logistic load carriers for transport and storage, announced on 29 November that it is to take over Roldo Rent, the specialist equipment rental company for the moving industry.

Overdracht Arjan Kuiper, Gerdine Leeuwis, Gerard GeijtenbeekRoldo Rent will continue to operate as an independent organisation within Rotom Europe.

"The acquisition of Roldo Rent will strengthen our portfolio as a full service provider and rental company in the field of customer specific load carriers," said Arjan Kuiper, CEO Rotom Europe. "The acquisition gives us the opportunity to better serve the moving and medical sector, to offer customers of Roldo Rent a broader package of logistic resources and to serve these relations in several European countries.”

Roldo Rent, run by Gerard Geijtenbeek and Gerdine Leeuwis, specialises in the rental of durable and professional moving equipment, such as roll containers and plastic moving boxes. Roldo Rent is also a packaging specialist for the medical sector. They do this by offering packaging in a pool to pharmacists and hospitals that is suitable for the products and the specific process for which it is used. The company has depots in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “It was time for the next step,” he said.

Roldo Rent also has a digital registration system called Scanalytic, for locating the pool of materials, keeping track of incoming and outgoing transactions and conducting digital inventories. Gerard Geijtenbeek, Director Roldo Rent, said: "On behalf of Roldo Rent I am very pleased to welcome the Rotom Group as a major shareholder in our company. There is a nice synergy of activities between our companies that strengthens the position and allows us to expand the range and services to the market. Strategically, Roldo Rent is an important part of Rotom's European expansion plans and we look forward to working with the other branches across Europe to establish new operations."

Rotom currently has more than 500 employees, a turnover of approximately €160 million and with 26 depots in ten countries in Europe, it is active with sustainable load carriers, mainly for larger logistics and retail customers. 

The takeover of Roldo Rent is part of the recently launched buy and build strategy of Rotom Europe. In August, pan-European investment company Waterland joined as a shareholder and strategic partner for the future. Rotom Europe's ambition is to grow into the European market leader in sustainable load carriers and load carrier services, including rental, repair, maintenance and circular solutions (such as packaging recovery).

Why was it the right time for the take over? “The rental sector is capital intensive and banks hardly want to finance this anymore,” said Gerard. “This hinders innovation and growth. In addition, Rotom’s European network and knowledge of the rental market are interesting for Roldo Rent. He added that he believed the development would be good for customers and his company would continue to be innovative. “We’re working on three new products for the removal market.”

How does Gerard see the future? “It will become much more sustainable, grow to green, truly 100% recyclable materials,” he said. “And the data associated with the materials is becoming increasingly important. Household removals, national and international, will always exist. The more that is built, the more that is moved. The providers are and remain very diverse, from top quality to a seriously low level with corresponding price level and customer satisfaction level. Business relocations will also remain, although the volume and content will change.”

Gerard said that this means the type of removal materials needed will change too. “Extra services are becoming increasingly important, all additional activities to make life easier for the customer. Staff is also becoming increasingly scarce, so you have to look for material to make removals easier and less stressful for people.”

Does the sale mean that he and Gerdine will be looking for new opportunities or even retirement?  Gerard thinks not. “Since the interest rate is negative, no one can live off interest, unless you are a bank yourself,” he said. “Gerdine and I are full of plans and energy to realise these plans in the coming years. So we will continue with unabated joy.”

Photo (left to right): Arjan Kuiper, CEO of Rotom Europe BV, Gerdine Leeuwis and Gerard Geijtenbeek.