Paper bubble wrap manufacturer invests £1.3 million in new UK facility

May 26 | 2022

Protega Global Ltd, the British company that launched the revolutionary eco-friendly Hexcel Wrap to the market in March, is investing £1.3million to bring its manufacturing and distribution operations under one roof.

New-building ProtegaHexcel Wrap is made from paper and can be wrapped around products to offer similar protection to traditional plastic bubble wrap - but without the impact on the environment.

The move to the 88,000sq ft site in Andover, which includes new offices, extra manufacturing space and a significant uplift in storage capacity, is part of the company’s growth strategy. The additional space will enable Protega to produce Hexcel Wrap in-house instead of importing materials from the United States. The company says this will also result in the creation of additional jobs at the plant.

Protega Director, Richard Steedman said, “This significant expansion demonstrates our commitment to provide a truly sustainable packaging solution that is entirely UK sourced. We will also be targeting European markets with Hexcel and aiming to replicate the success of our suite of paper cushion and paper void fill machines on the Continent.”

The company says sourcing UK manufactured equipment and materials will ease supply chain pressure for customers and help minimise its carbon footprint.

Photo: Portega’s new £1.3 million facility brings manufacturing and distribution under one roof.