Students choosing storage to be kind to the environment … and mum and dad

Jul 04 | 2022

Storage company LOVESPACE has reported a significant increase in student bookings compared to before the pandemic.

Students choosing storage over travelEco-minded students are increasingly opting to store their belongings close to their university rather than ferry them home, saving parents the inconvenience of making multiple road trips and reducing carbon emissions.

The company cites rising fuel costs and increased awareness of environmental factors as key drivers in the trend towards student storage.

With more than 2.5m students in the UK and Ireland the higher education sector is expected to be responsible for millions of long-distance journeys this year as campuses return to pre-pandemic levels of occupation.

A spokesperson for LOVESPACE said, “This generation of students is more aware than any other of the need to reduce carbon emissions so there is a growing trend towards storage as an alternative to making parents haul stuff up and down the motorway. Students are educating their parents on environmental concerns and with fuel costs rising many parents are agreeing to pay storage fees for their children rather than face the inconvenience and costs of several car journeys.”

LOVESPACE offers a ‘storage by the box’ service, which allows customers to only pay for what they use, instead of renting an entire storage unit which can be costly and inefficient