Protega invests in Germany

Mar 13 | 2024

Protega Global, a supplier of sustainable packaging, has invested in a new distribution centre in Numbrecht, Germany to add vital capacity to its European supply chain.

Protega German siteFollowing Interpack in Dusseldorf in May 2023, Protega set sights on expanding into the northern European market by investing in a distribution centre – a major step for the company.

The distribution centre expands the network that Protega is able to cover, and dramatically shortens lead times for its many European partners and customers. The Andover based company has seen growth in its core products – sustainable paper-based packaging - enabling further investment in the Hexcel product range.

A huge success story for Protega has been the innovative Hexcel wrap, which is a recyclable paper protective packaging, and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bubble-wrap. The Hexcel range also includes void-fill and paper cushioning, all of which is made in the UK. This dynamic product offers fantastic protection for numerous products, from cosmetics to crockery, from gin to jewellery. By simply replacing plastic packaging with FSC sourced paper and card, companies can greatly reduce their carbon emissions.

Photo: Protega in Germany.