AltoVita Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit 2024

Apr 07 | 2024

The 9th of July, 2024 will see the return of the AltoVita Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit, to Rose Court in London. This is the fourth such summit in London and follows the successful event in Singapore in 2023.

Alto Vita Summit 2023AltoVita is a technology-driven corporate housing company providing accommodation to business executives and their families worldwide. This year, the event will focus on market intelligence, compliance, and connectivity, and will address the complexities and costs of sourcing and booking accommodation in the corporate travel and mobility sector. The event will include workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with industry frontrunners.

The Summit will consider why sourcing and booking accommodation has become so expensive and complicated at a time when businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the overall travel experience. In particular it will explore how consolidating technology leads to smarter ways of booking. In today's era of connectivity there's no excuse for so many different layers, processes, fees and other hindrances. Corporate travel and mobility managers as well as travel agencies and relocation companies are invited to take part.

To register for the Summit follow this link

Photo:  The AltoVita Summit 2023.