Madam Becky keeps the customer satisfied at The Mover Conference

Sep 12 | 2013

Becky Adams is no ordinary keynote speaker, in fact she is unique. Her former profession as a brothel keeper is, even in these enlightened times, still a taboo subject that few would publicly admit to, let alone talk about on television and to business groups around the UK.

Becky will explain how, despite her privileged upbringing and expensive convent education, she became a brothel madam and made a successful career in the world’s oldest profession.

Becky is an excellent speaker, never crude or smutty, and her stories are guaranteed to entertain and perhaps enlighten her audience, regardless of gender or sexual persuasion. Many of the hard business lessons she learned during her 25 years in the sex trade can be applied to the removals industry including the need to diversify when times are tough and markets change. For example one of Becky’s early ventures, a topless carwash called Scrubbers, fell on hard times when winter weather meant the girls had to cover up. Becky quickly switched to an indoor service and offered her gentleman customers waxing and soap suds instead of their cars.

Washing mens' other favourite toy proved to be a hit and Scrubbers evolved into Becky’s first escort agency, Treacle Tarts Upper Crust Delights. Treacle Tarts was a typical escort service with the ladies visiting clients at their homes or hotels. But she was unhappy with the potential risks of these 'out-calls' and helped to establish 'The Bordello Project’, a drop in and forum for working ladies to discuss health issues and
find support.

The legendary Becky's Kittens was later established as a safe pla
ce for ladies to work from. Kittens focussed on providing a pampering service – ‘massage with a happy ending’ - in a fun environment. The ladies were not obliged to offer any personal service which removed the exploitation dimension. The atmosphere of fun and relaxation was empowering for the ladies and comforting for the gents who visited.

Kittens starred in ITV's Personal Services television docu-soap in 2003. It achieved the highest ratings to that date for a late night TV series. The producers described Becky as ''a female 21st Century Benny Hill'' and she went on to do the rounds of daytime TV shows including This Morning and Trisha. Becky’s TV success led her to embark on a new career as an author and after-dinner speaker.

Her first book, Madam has won the Erotic Award 2012 (despite, she says, not being remotely erotic) and the Brit Writers Award 2012. Her new book, Sex and Super Customer Servicing, will be released shortly and Becky will be signing copies of both titles at the conference.   

 Photos from to
p: Becky Adams, Becky at a public speaking engagement and her first book, Madam.

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