Facebook for Moving Companies: A Best Practices Guide

Feb 13 | 2018

Matthew Woodley from New Zealand Van Lines looks at how Facebook advertising can work for moving companies

Digital marketing has become the dominating factor in marketing campaigns. Regardless of the industry, if a company can’t keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing world, it won’t be keeping up at all. This holds true for the moving industry as well as for everyone else.

One area of digital marketing that has been gaining attention of late, and which many in the moving industry are starting to tap into, is Facebook advertising marketing. However, before you take your moving company on a blind leap into the world of Facebook adverts, you need to consider your clientele and how Facebook actually works. Doing so will help you avoid wasting time and resources.

Facebook – what not to expect

Before you buy a bunch of Facebook adverts expecting to see an upsurge  of new leads, think again. Moving companies are not like clothing boutiques or niche online stores. When someone on Facebook sees apparel or some unique gadget through an advert on Facebook, there is a good chance they will investigate further. It is something they can purchase on a whim and it fits their personality.

Moving, however, is not a spur of the moment activity. Consumers spend a lot of time painstakingly researching moving companies before deciding who to use. It is highly unlikely that someone will see your advert on Facebook and suddenly remember “Oh yeah, I’m moving next weekend. I should really do something about that”. Bottom line: Don’t expect new leads from Facebook.

People aren’t on Facebook purely for the purpose of shopping, and since choosing a moving company is a longer-term process, then running adverts on Facebook to gather new leads just doesn’t make sense.

Facebook ads – do or don’t?

So, does Facebook have any role to play in marketing your moving company? Some would argue that moving companies can still benefit from using Facebook advertising. This is because Facebook does allow you to collect the personal information of users to help you target those most likely nearing a move. However, while the detailed data can help target potential customers, when you think about when and why people use Facebook, it just doesn’t make sense to spend money advertising moving services on it. Those serious about moving will most likely have already done their research and will not have gone to Facebook to do it.

However, those who have researched for moving companies are quite likely Facebook users. Retargeting and branding are what Facebook is ideal for.

Facebook – using the right tool for the right job

So, if Facebook advertising doesn’t generate new leads for moving companies does Facebook hold any use for them at all? Absolutely. Almost half of Internet users are Facebook users. So, most of the individuals researching and finding your moving company online will also have their own Facebook account.

This means two things – first, you can market to them with retargeting adverts based on their cookies. These adverts will follow them onto Facebook, reminding them of your company. So even as they have finished researching and go to relax and peruse Facebook, you’ll be there, giving them an easy way to click back and check your company out again.

Second, Facebook provides another place for them to learn more about, and trust, your company - assuming you capitalize on using it for branding.

Branding and Facebook

Branding is a powerful way that moving companies can use Facebook. You better believe that anyone who finds your moving company will be investigating your Facebook page, assuming you have one (and you should).

Having a Facebook page is a way to grow and affirm your brand. It also makes you more accessible to past, present and future customers, giving them a place to communicate with you. This develops trust, showing potential customers that you are available and respond to customers, even to handle complaints.

Finally, if you incorporate real-life pictures of you, your team, your equipment, and successful moves, that further solidifies your credibility to potential customers. There are so many scams and bad moving ‘companies’ out there, that people need to see the proof of your legitimacy and professionalism – Facebook gives you an opportunity to do that.


Photo: Top right: Matthew Woodley

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