LACMA in Puerto Rico

Apr 16 | 2018

From February 26 to March 1, LACMA met in San Juan – Puerto Rico for its 2018 convention.

In its report LACMA said that after several changes it was determined to maintain its convention in Puerto Rico to contribute to the affected economy, and restoration of this Latin American country. It said it was a challenging task, uncertain at times, yet LACMA had the conviction to provide support to its region, in difficult circumstances.

The legendary, and quite elegant Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, initially open to the European and Hollywood royalty, now refurbished, yet maintaining its essence and opulence, welcomed the LACMA members that came from all over the world to meet for another enriching experience and great networking opportunity.

The General Assembly sessions covered Association matters and project status. The business sessions included: Carlos Lopez-Lay of the #Yonomequito Movement, which strives to motivate Puerto Ricans to support their country, after a deteriorated economy and later, devastating hurricane; an excellent example to follow anywhere, anytime. Also Juan Merodio, an outstanding young Spaniard, who updated the participants on Digital Marketing Strategies: disrupt or be disrupted; a mind stimulating session.

Adhering to the objective of ‘Standing with Puerto Rico’, LACMA coordinated several CSR projects during its convention:

• TECHO (LACMANext) – Construction of two houses:

• Bring an Extra Suitcase Project (LACMANext) - Donations to Salvation Army:

• #Yonomequito - Donation of household items for hurricane victims.

• CREARTE (LACMA Ladies) – Donation to centre (prevention through education, sports and arts).

LACAMA also paid a special tribute to an industry colleague and friend, Mr Terry Head, President of IAM, who after 49 years in the industry and 21 years as an outstanding IAM president, will step down next October in Washington DC. Throughout the years, Terry attended many LACMA conventions and collaborated with the Association. LACMA said it was a great honour to distinguish him and extend an invitation to join the convention in the future.

A most rewarding and satisfying convention, ‘Setting the Rhythm’ of inspiration and warmth.

Photos: President Sebastian Laporta and the LACMA Board of Directors.

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